1. Audit

The Huntsville Education Association fiscal year begins September 1 and ends August 31. An audit or compilation report shall be conducted annually in October by an external auditor. This decision will be made by the board of directors at the end of the fiscal year. (Amended March 2002) In addition an Internal Audit shall be conducted by the Internal Audit Committee. (Amended May 2003)

2. Committee Responsibilities

  • At the first meeting of each committee, a vice-chairperson will be selected by that committee to act in the absence of the chairperson. The names of those persons selected will be submitted to the President for approval.
  • Each committee chair shall assume the responsibility for scheduling through the Office Manager, preparation of the meeting room, cleaning the room after meetings, assisting with preparation and distribution of flyers, phoning, and other duties to relieve the office staff.
  • Any Committee or Committee Chairperson may request that funds be provided for a project or activity by making a written request, in advance, to the Board of Directors which includes the following information…
    1. the specific need for the funds (expenses to workshop, training materials, postage, etc.)
    2. the exact amount required
    3. the date(s) on which the funds are required
    4. the person(s) who will be accountable for the funds

The Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the HEA President, will act to deny or approve all such requests and will notify the Committee or Committee Chair of their decision.

3. Committee Roster

The President shall provide a list of all committee members each year with a record of phone numbers and school assignments. This listing is to be available in the HEA office.

4. Delegate Responsibilities

A person elected to serve as a delegate to AEA or NEA or any association conference should be an active participant in at least five (5) association meetings. To be counted present a member should attend the entire meeting.

– It is the member’s responsibility to inform the office manager or the designated attendance officer of their presence in order to assure documented attendance. The time period for attendance to be counted will begin the first Association meeting of the current school year and extend until the delegate election ballots are turned in.

A member who has not attended the specified number of meetings will not be prevented from running for a delegate position; however, the percentage of money a delegate receives will be determined by the number of meetings attended. Upon receipt of voting ballots, the Credentials and Nominations Committee will inform the member of the percentage of money for which they will be eligible, if elected. The funding for AEA and NEA Delegates shall be based on the available monies divided by the number of delegates. These funds will be prorated at the following rate to coincide with attendance at Association meetings. (Amended April 2, 2009)

5 meetings = 100%
4 meetings = 80%
3 meetings = 60%
2 meetings = 40%
1 meeting = 20%
0 meeting = 0%

In no case will the amount of money received exceed the amount of money funded for the President and Vice President provided the President and Vice President have met the attendance requirements (amended May 2016)

  • The President will notify the delegates of a mandatory delegate/alternate meeting at least forty-five (45) days prior to conference/convention date as to the per person allocation. Delegates need to notify the President of their intentions to attend the conference/convention at this meeting. Each person who runs for a delegate position will receive a copy of the delegate duties and responsibilities. It is required that each elected delegate sign a letter of intent to accept conditions herein in order to receive payment. In addition, if a delegate does not attend the Convention after agreeing to do so, that member will only be eligible to run for this position the following year at the discretion of the board of directors.
  • Alternates will be notified immediately in the order of elected position. The alternate will respond with his/her decision within twenty-four (24) hours.
  • Except in extreme emergencies, there will be no replacements by alternates thirty (30) days prior to the conference/convention date. (Amended April 2, 2009)
  • Expense money will be issued no later than five (5) days prior to the conference/convention date. Delegates will receive 80% of the stated allocation prior to the NEA Convention. The remaining 20% will be issued at the designated time on the last day of the Convention following verification of attendance compliance. Delegates who do not fulfill the 80% attendance requirements will not receive the final 20% check and will reimburse HEA proportionately for any absence exceeding 20%. Payment must be made within 60 days in order to be eligible to receive future delegate funding. No future funds will be given until all debts are cleared with the Association.
  • Delegates are expected to attend (A) NEA -state caucuses and business sessions, (B) AEA -local caucuses and business sessions, (C) Leadership conferences – general sessions and training sessions. Failure to attend the above sessions will result in the delegate’s refunding to the association a percentage of allocated expenses in direct proportion to the sessions missed. Delegates are expected to be on the Convention floor at least 80% of the time and also at State Caucus meetings at the convention site for at least 80% of the time. A financial penalty will be imposed upon delegates not meeting these requirements. If a member holds an AEA or NEA position, he/she should refrain from running for a delegate position to allow maximum participation of the membership in the governance process (amended May 2016). The checking of attendance will occur periodically. The HEA President may excuse absences for verifiable and/or unavoidable conflicts. Delegates are expected to contribute the suggested amount to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education. (Amended May 2000)
  • The President or his/her designee will serve as chairperson of the delegation. It will be the responsibility of the delegate to make his/her presence known to the chairperson.
  • Delegates to NEA shall keep a log of meetings and activities attended while at NEA Representative Assembly. The voting stub should be presented to the President/Designee. This information will be filed in the HEA Office and will be available for review by Association members.
  • At the first Board of Directors meeting of the school year the president will recommend the number of participants for association conferences based on the recommendation of the budget committee. This recommendation must be approved by the Board. (Amended April 2, 2009)
  • If elected and/or appointed to attend a conference, participants who expect reimbursement may attend the same conference once every three years. (This is not to include AEA and NEA Delegate Assemblies) (Amended April 2, 2009)
    Conference attendees elected by the membership will ascribe to the same guidelines as delegates (added May 2016).
  • All delegates and attendees will adhere to Policy 10: HEA Travel Policy (added May 2016).
  • Members who hold substitute memberships are ineligible to be delegates (added May 2016).

5. Dues

  • A member assumes the obligation for full payment of dues when she/he signs an enrollment form.
  • If a person elects to cancel their membership, it is that individual’s responsibility to meet with the uniserv director and see that there is a change in method of payment indicating the drop in membership. It is also the individual’s responsibility to inform the HEA office that membership is being discontinued and the method of payment is being dropped. If the cancellation request is received after September 15 of this membership year, the cancellation will become effective on September 1 of the next calendar year. No refunds will be made unless it is shown to be an error at the payroll department.
  • Any member who terminates and has not paid the year’s local dues in full is not eligible for a current membership until all indebtedness incurred by HEA, as a result of that member’s withdrawing membership, is paid.
  • A person who leaves the system should pay the remainder of the UTP dues, but in the event of death no more deductions will be taken from the employee’s last check. In addition, HEA will refund a pro-rated share of the dues that would not be used for the rest of the year.
  • Under other extenuating circumstances, the HEA Board of Directors will consider whether a refund might be justified on the individual merits of a particular case when evidence supporting circumstances is presented.

6. Elections

  • Conducting an Election
    1. Board sets dates for nominations and elections; Campaigning shall be conducted only during specified times approved by the Board; (Amended May 2001)
    2. Any candidate running for re-election for the office of President shall be required to use his/her personal leave for campaigning during normal HEA office hours. (Amended May 2001)
    3. Each candidate shall be responsible for the accuracy of his/her campaigning information; (Amended May 2001)
    4. The Elections Committee or its designee will be responsible for notifying all association representatives of all nominations and election dates no later than five (5) student attendance days after Board has set dates. Building Representatives receive and post notices of dates for nominations; (Amended May 2013)
    5. Nominations Committee or its designee announces names of candidates and dates for election; (Amended May 2013)
    6. Building Representatives post notice of election dates;
    7. The position of candidates on ballots will be determined by a drawing of lots in an open meeting by two members of the Elections Committee who are not candidates in that election. Members who wish to be present at the drawing shall be responsible for calling the HEA office following the close of nominations to ascertain the time/date of the drawing.(Amended May 2013)
    8. Upon receipt of Election materials, Building Representatives shall:
      • Check for contents and notify HEA office immediately if there is any shortage; or discrepancies in the election materials.
      • Read and post rules including location of ballot box/envelope;
      • Require each active member to sign Voter Acknowledgement Form upon receipt of ballot on dates specified for voting. Only one (1) signature sheet shall be signed on any one election day regardless of the number of elections on that day. In fairness to candidates, voting shall be allowed only on days specified. The dates shall be posted on the envelope which contains the voting materials sent from the HEA office. Signatures of itinerant members should be indicated with an asterisk (*).
      • Provide at least one sealed ballot box/envelope.
      • If a Building Representative’s name appears on the ballot, the Representative shall designate an alternate to conduct the voting and tallying of ballot.
      • Allow each voting member to deposit his/her own ballot in box/envelope.
      • Count and record the members’ vote. Post one copy of the tally in school;
      • Return to HEA Office by deadline: (1) Ballots; (2) Voter Acknowledgment Forms with signature; (3) Completed Tally Sheets signed by Association Representatives or their designee
    9. Election Committee
      • The election committee will provide a locked box located in the HEA Office for depositing completed election materials which includes tally sheets, completed ballots, and voter acknowledgement forms.
      • This box will be available from the beginning of the election period until the deadline.
      • The person depositing completed election materials must sign, date, and give time of deposit on provided form.
  • Absentee Ballots
    In the event a member knows in advance that he/she will be absent from assigned duties in the voting days of an election, to be able to vote he/she must file an absentee ballot. An absentee ballot and a signature sheet will be available at the HEA office. Each absentee ballot can be cast only after the nomination deadline has passed and must be cast before 5:00 p.m. on the last voting day. Ballot tally shall be added to the cluster tally.
  • Canvassing an Election
    1. If any of the situations listed below are found, the votes will be deemed null and void and a representative from the school in question shall be notified as to why the ballots were not counted. (Amended May 2013)
      • the number of ballots returned exceeds the number of signatures;
      • the ballots, signature sheets, and completed tally are not returned;
      • the tally sheets are dated incorrectly and/or not signed by the building representative;
      • voting occurred on dates other than those set by the Board of Directors.
    2. The Elections Committee shall count and tabulate ballots in the following manner.
      • At least two members of the Election Committee shall be present at all times. Any member of the committee who is on the ballot shall not participate;
        The Elections Chairperson is responsible for absentee balloting. At least two members of the Elections Committee shall collect, verify, and tally the absentee ballots which will be recorded on the official tally sheet;
      • Official tallies will be recorded by building or cluster unit. The Elections Committee has the authority to correct a tally sheet from the individual school. In the event that a school’s ballots are not counted (see #l), the reason shall be indicated on the official tally;
      • The committee or its designee will tabulate results using a computer to ensure that the totals on the school-by-school tally equals the “Official Sheet” which is signed by the members of the committee and the HEA President or his/her designee;
      • In case of computer failure, the results will be tabulated using a calculator and shall be counted twice; (Amended May 2013)
      • The results shall be given to the HEA President or designee immediately after tabulation. The President or his/her designee shall notify all candidates of the election within 24 hours;
      • If the Elections Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson are on the ballot the President will designate one of the committee members to be acting chairperson for the election. Board approval will not be required on this appointment.
      • Each candidate or his/her representative may be present at the counting and tabulating of the ballots for the election in which he/she is a candidate.
      • The keys to the ballot box will be kept in the HEA office. The Election Committee members, Chairperson, Board liaison and/or Office Manager shall have access to the keys. (Amended May 2013)
    3. The following local election materials shall be retained in the permanent election file. Building representatives shall receive and post a copy of the official tally sheet.
      • Signature sheets;
      • Ballots (separated by schools);
      • Computer print outs.
    4. The official tally sheet shall be retained in the permanent election file.
      STATEMENT FOR TALLY SHEET TO BE SIGNED BY REPRESENTATIVE: This is a true copy of the results of voting in this building in the (name of election). This election was conducted in accordance with the rules adopted by the Huntsville Education Association. My signature verifies that, to the best of my knowledge, voting took place only on (specify date).
  • Requesting a Recount
    Any candidate may request a recount of the ballots. The Committee shall then count each individual ballot for that particular position. The candidate must request the recount within two working days of notification of the results.
  • Contesting an Election
    Any HEA member may contest an election on a violation of this policy and/or a violation of election guarantees mandated in the Constitution or By-Laws.The following procedure shall be utilized:

    1. Results may be contested within 5 student days of the school calendar following the report of the election committee, (Amended May 2013)
    2. The member shall submit a formal letter of protest to the President stating the specific reason(s) for contesting.
    3. The President shall present the matter to the Board of Directors who shall make the final decision at a regular or called Board meeting. (Amended May 2013)
    4. The decision shall be rendered in writing to the member within five student days of the school calendar following receipt of the formal request. The decision shall be recorded in the Board minutes. (Amended May 2013)

7. Facilities

The President will be responsible for scheduling and hiring personnel for grounds keeping and housekeeping chores at the HEA office provided funds are budgeted.

8. HEA Board Minutes

Copies of the minutes of the HEA Board of Directors meeting will be available at each Representative Assembly meeting held since the previous RA meeting, unless such meeting has been held within the last 5 working days. (Amended May 2013)

9. HEA Office Manager Time Priority

Priorities on the Office Manager’s time will be determined by the HEA President (or his/her designee) in order to provide the most effective service for the organization, within the limits of the Office Manager’s employment contract. It should be recognized that while the Office Manager works under the supervision of the President, the Office Manager is actually contracted by the Board of Directors.

10. HEA Travel Policy

All official HEA trips must be approved by the President. Request for travel expenses should be submitted to the President for approval through the appropriate committee chair if applicable, as far in advance as possible. The President will make the decision for partial or full advance payment or reimbursement if money has been budgeted. Receipts or an itemized listing must be presented for verification of expenses to be allotted as follows: Food – thirty dollars ($30.00) per day – three (3) meals; Food – twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per day – two (2) meals; Mileage – twenty-five cents (.25) per mile per automobile, paid to the carpool driver with 2 or more HEA designated conference attendees. Cost of necessary overnight lodging will be paid for Association business. Double occupancy is required, when feasible and available. (Amended April 2, 2009)

Delegates: Each year the budget approved by the Representative Assembly will determine the amount of money available for reimbursement of NEA and AEA delegates. A committee from the HEA Board appointed by the President and composed, if possible, of Board members who are not delegates to the NEA assembly will meet prior to the Board’s regular May meeting to determine allocation of expense to delegates based on projected estimates of travel fare and hotel charges. After the expenses of the President and Vice-President are fully funded the amount available for meals and other expenses in addition to travel and hotel will be determined by calculation of group expenses and will be pro-rated proportionately among the delegates not to exceed the amounts budgeted unless approved by RA. Delegates are to lodge in one of the designated hotels or reimburse HEA the difference in cost. The President and/or Vice President will verify that delegates are staying in the designated hotel. This will be in effect only when HEA is able to fully fund a delegate (amended May 2016). A person elected to serve as a delegate to AEA or NEA should be an active participant in at least five (5) association meetings. It is the member’s responsibility to inform the office manager or the designated attendance officer of their presence in order to assure documented attendance. The time period for attendance to be counted will begin the first Association meeting of the current school year and extend until the delegate election ballots are turned in. A member who has not attended the specified number of meetings will not be prevented from running for a delegate position. Upon receipt of voting ballots, the Credentials and Nominations Committee will inform the member of the percentage of money for which they will be eligible, if elected. The funding for AEA and NEA Delegates shall be based on the available monies divided by the number of delegates. These funds will be prorated at the following rate to coincide with attendance at Association meetings.

5 meetings = 100% 4 meetings = 80% 3 meetings = 60% 2 meetings = 40%

1 meeting = 20% 0 meeting = 0%

In no case will the amount of money received exceed the amount of money funded for the President and Vice President. The committee will report to the HEA Board in its regular May meeting. The same procedure will be followed prior to the November Board meeting for expenses involved with the AEA Delegate Assembly. (Amended May 2, 1997)

11. HEA Membership List

The HEA Membership List with home addresses shall be used only by the Association, by commercial concerns promoted by HEA, and/or political candidates endorsed by H-VOTE/ A-VOTE/NEA-PAC.

12. NEA Delegate Log

Delegates to NEA shall keep a log of meetings and activities attended while at NEA Representative Assembly. Voting stubs shall be attached to the logs and turned in to the HEA office within 3 working days after Rep Assembly. This information will be filed in the HEA Office and will be available for review by Association members.

13. Notary Service

HEA members are provided free Notary Service in the HEA office.

14. Notebooks For Board Members

Each Board member shall be given a notebook for keeping Association materials at the beginning of his/her term.

15. Records

Officers and committee chairs shall keep a file of Association activities, correspondence (internal and external), and plans. This file shall remain at the HEA office when each person’s term ends. These files shall be purged every year leaving the previous two years intact. This shall be done by an ad hoc committee of the Board.

16. Refreshments

Those having refreshments are requested to donate the posted amount.

17. Release Time President

The guidelines for the position of release time president have a dual purpose: (1) to provide assistance for the person holding the office of president and (2) to provide clarification for members concerning the duties of the president. The office of president is NOT a paid position; the Association merely reimburses the school system for the salary of the president. The membership of HEA has unequivocally stated its belief in the need for a release-time president. In order to meet our constitutional purposes, it is necessary to have a representative who has the time to be accessible to members, the media, and the community-a leader who is effective due to unencumbered preparation time. The official duties of the president are delineated in the By-Laws, Article I., section 5, and Section 6. (Amended May 9, 1996)

18. Remembrances, Memorials, and Scholarships

  • Upon notification the Scholarship Committee will send an appropriate card to HEA members who are ill.
  • The HEA shall donate $10 from accrued interest to the HEA Scholarship Fund in honor of any member who dies. The HEA shall donate $5 to the same fund in sympathy when a person who is in the immediate family of a member dies. The immediate family includes spouse, father, mother, and children.
  • The Huntsville Education Association Memorial Scholarship Fund shall be held inviolate so that this fund can accrue interest and thereby endow a perpetual scholarship program for the benefit of teachers and students preparing to teach.
  • A memorial book is to be kept in the office to record the names of the recipients of the scholarships and also the names of the deceased Association members.
  • The Treasurer shall be an ex-officio member of the Scholarship Committee.
  • The Treasurer will receipt and disperse all remembrances.

19. Representation Committee

A committee composed of the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Membership Chair, the Credentials and Nominations Chair, the Elections Chair (when none of the above is an ethnic-minority, one will be appointed) shall be responsible for implementing the representation requirements established in the HEA Constitution and By-Laws. Final determination of representation shall be based on memberships received in the HEA office by November 15. This Representation Committee shall be responsible for determining the exact membership in each building and for calculating the appropriate number of Association Representatives for each. As soon as possible after November 15, they will notify any building that has too many or too few certified Association Representatives. The revised allocation of representation will be effective as of the January Representative Assembly. This Representative Committee shall also determine the percentage of Association members who are ethnic-minorities and/or non- classroom teachers. The Elections Committee is responsible for recommending procedures for elections. Preliminary figures and recommended election procedures shall be transmitted to the President at least three days before the December Board meeting. The President shall submit this information and recommendations to the Board of Directors, which shall include a list of the positions to be filled and proposed dates for approval.

20. Representation on Policy Committee

HEA Representatives to the Huntsville City Schools’ policy committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, and Professional Negotiations Chair. The remainder of the allotted representatives shall be appointed from the Professional Negotiations Committee by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.

21. Rights of Members

The Association shall not infringe on the Constitutional Rights of any member.

22. Roll Call Votes

A roll-call vote shall be taken and recorded in the minutes on all votes of the Board of Directors which are not unanimous.

23. Smoking

Use of tobacco products is prohibited in the HEA building. (Amended May, 1994)

24. Special Services

The Community Relations Committee shall be responsible for annually updating and publicizing a discount-buying program for HEA members.

25. Staff Evaluation

The President and the Treasurer will evaluate the office manager and any other office personnel. One person selected by the employee will attend each evaluation.

The procedure for Office Personnel will be as follows:

  1. The committee members will meet privately and draft a preliminary evaluation.
  2. HEA employees will be given a copy of their preliminary evaluation and a meeting will be scheduled with each office employee to review these findings.
  3. Following the meeting with each employee, the President and Treasurer will finalize the evaluation reports. Copies will be given to each office employee and a formal report will be presented to the HEA Board of Directors at the March Board of Directors meeting for Board approval. (Amended May 1988)

26. Staff Spokesperson for the Association

The UniServ Director is given the authority by the HEA Board of Directors to be one of the official spokespersons for HEA. As one of the official spokespersons for HEA, the UniServ Director shall function in accordance with the AEA Staff UniServ Director Job Description. She/he shall function according to appropriate UTP policy and appropriate local Association policy. She/he may represent the local Association before the news media and various governmental bodies; and she/he shall serve as an advocate of the members of the UTP within the UniServ district.

27. Tape Recordings of Association Meetings

Tape recordings of Association meetings shall be retained on file in the HEA office for a period of one year. Executive sessions will not be taped. (Amended April 1988)

28. Telephone Voucher

Persons placing long distance calls that are to be billed to the Association shall submit within two weeks a completed voucher and file with the office manager.

29. Use of Building

HEA groups may schedule to use the building for meetings.

30. Written Motions

At the request of the HEA secretary, motions must be submitted in writing.

31. Member Concerns

All member concerns which are requesting any type of action must be turned in to the President in writing. After careful consideration, HEA will present the appropriate concerns to the appropriate department and/or person. All concerns must be signed. No anonymous concerns will be acted upon. The Member Concerns form should be completed, at which time the member has the option of requesting that their name not be used.

32. Representative Assembly Agenda

The following shall be included in all regular meetings of the Representative Assembly and the general membership, unless changed for a particular meeting by a vote of two-thirds of those present and voting.

  • Call to Order
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
  • Committee Reports
  • Member Concerns
  • UniServ Director’s Report
  • Announcement
  • Adjournment

33. Office Procedures

All checks shall be signed by two of three authorized persons. Authorized persons shall include President, Treasurer, and Office Manager. Cancelled checks shall be returned. Receipts shall be attached to payment vouchers.

34. HEA Credit Card Policy

This policy applies to any officer, board member or employee who uses an HEA-issued and guaranteed credit/debit card.

  • The HEA credit/debit card is to be used solely for the purpose of doing business on behalf of the HEA and may only be used for legitimate business expenses. Under no circumstance is the card to be used for any personal expense.
  • All expenditures made with the card must be verified with itemized receipts within 30 (thirty) days of the date that the expense was incurred and submitted for approval by the board.
  • Items that are not approved must be reimbursed to the HEA.
  • Expenses submitted for approval must include the date of the expense, the description of the business purpose of the expense, any other people who benefitted from the expense (names of member or the business relationship of those for whom a meal was purchased), and where the expense occurred. (Who, what, where, when and why.)
  • Expenditures which are submitted without proper documentation must be reimbursed to HEA within 14 (fourteen) days of denial.

Failure of a credit/debit card holder to adhere to the guidelines of this policy will result in having the credit/debit card revoked, and if applicable termination. (Passed March 1, 2018)

  1. Audit
  2. Committee Responsibilities
  3.  Committee Roster
  4. Delegate Responsibilities
  5. Dues
  6. Elections
  7. Facilities
  8. HEA Board Minutes
  9. HEA Office Manager Time Priority
  10. HEA Travel Policy
  11. HEA Membership List
  12. NEA Delegate Log
  13. Notary Service
  14. Notebooks for Board Members
  15. Records
  16. Refreshments at RA
  17. Release-Time President
  18. Remembrances, Memorials, and Scholarships
  19. Representation Committee
  20. Representation of Policy Committee
  21. Rights of Members
  22. Roll-Call Votes
  23. Smoking
  24. Special Services
  25. Staff Evaluation
  26. Staff Spokesperson for the Association
  27. Tape Recordings of Association Meetings
  28. Telephone Voucher
  29. Use of Building
  30. Written Motions
  31. Member Concerns
  32. Representative Assembly Agenda
  33. Office Procedures